In 1966 Tony and Desi Loukas came to America for a new start.  They lived in NYC for a little while then moved to Connecticut and started working at Colt Fire Arms, and Royal Typewriter also helped out at Empire Pizza in Hartford on the weekends. After years of working at Colts and Royal in 1973 both companies went on strike so Tony and Desi decided it was time to open their own restaurant and after quite a search Despina fell in love with a little place called Alains Pizza Ranch in Willimantic Connecticut. The owner at the time was ready to sell and made a deal with Tony and Desi and that's where it all started. Tony's Pizza started September of 1973 with 4 tables and a counter with 8 seats and the door going out towards Main St. by February of 1974 the business had tripled and the pizza was a big hit in the area with our customer base growing we had to remodel and upgraded the seating to allow for more customers so we opened the door to the side so the entrance was easier to get to through from the parking lot and over the years added more parking and seating, we strive to be the best we can be at Tony's so we added delivery and fried foods to our menu to bring us up to date.  Tony and Desi are still at Tony's making sure our pizzas and the quality of our food is just like they started back in 1973 and we always hear from them telling us  "Our customers is what Tony's is all about" and that's the rules they followed over the years to make Tony's what it is today,

Thank You for reading our Story and for being a Tony's Customer,

​Tony, Desi, George, Gus, Angelo, Chris, Sam and the rest of Tony's Staff and Family. 

Tony's Pizza

117 Main Street, Willimantic, CT, United States


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Tony's Pizza 117 Main St. Willimantic CT